Auctioning Off? Think Twice and Show Your Support!

Surprise, surprise.

Guess who’s selling out without being a sellout? 
Although many of you know and remember me from 2010-2013 with my research when I was on the top of my research and analysis game today’s harsh reality is that I think that I’m that very close to retiring and basically finding another venture to pursue possibly something in the lines of corporate cyber security investment portfolio and innovation management where I can be of great help where I’m currently busy paying the bills including a loan including to work on part time OSINT projects with great success where my primary goal would be to secure a financial pension and retirement fund in the context of auctioning off my 20TB personal files archive dating back to 2010 and 2023 for collectibles and memorabilia purposes where among my primarily long term projects would be to launch a training program in my line of work including to write a Second Edition of my personal memoir including to write several upcoming books.
Stay tuned!

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