Exposing Hacking Team GhostSec – An Analysis

In this post I’ll profile Hacking Team GhostSec and I’ll provide all the relevant and necessary IoCs (Indicators of Compromise) including all the relevant personally identifiable information in terms of assisting U.S Law Enforcement and the U.S Intelligence Community on its way to properly track down and monitor and prosecute the cybercriminals behind these campaigns.

Personal Photos:

Related IoCs and personally identifiable information for GhostSec:

Official Web Site URL: hxxp://opiceisis.strangled.net

Official Web Site URL: hxxp://

Official Web Site URL: hxxp://pst.klgrth.io

Official Group’s Twitter account: hxxp://twitter.com/ghost_s3curity

Official Group’s Telegram account: hxxp://t.me/GhostSecc

Official Group’s Medium account: hxxp://medium.com/@OfficialGhostSec

Official Group’s Web Site URL: hxxp://ghostsec-team.org

Official Group’s Web Site URL: hxxp://ghostsecret-team.blogspot.com

Official Group’s Email Address Account: ghostsecteam.org@gmail.com

Stay tuned!

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