A Brief Overview of U.S Cyber Command’s Global Cyberspace Operations Synchronization (GCOS) Concept – Or Can We Make The Difference Between Real-Time and Synchronization in Cyberspace?

It should be clearly said that the current state of the U.S Cyber Command’s overall Global Cyberspace Operations Synchronization (GCOS) Concept is fairly naïve and a bit childish in the context of what I can best describe as real-time cyberspace operations where the primary difference between synchronization and real-time can be best described like Feedburner vs OSINT as a concept where Feedburner despite being a well known product and a service is basically delivering its content and features using synchronization compared to other modern approaches given the fact that they can be achieved such as for instance real-time cyberspace operations where the ultimate goal would be to achieve the unachievable namely the use of real-time cyberspace operations compared to marely synchronizing them to achieve something that I won’t really elaborate on such as for instance the surreal synchronization of U.S Cyber Command cyberspace operations compared to real-time cyberspace operations.

Real-time communications have to do with pushing the very boundaries of an individual or an organization sticking to common good where in most of the cases the common good can get someone in trouble.

I’ll now proceed and give you a pretty decent of something that I’m unknowingly extremely good at and a process and a concept excluding the fact that it’s not a process at all in case you can’t or don’t really know or bother to implement it but rather remains a bit of a commercial and a bit of a sophisticated practice known as military and cyberspace deception and cladestine and special cyber operations type of activity where the ultimate goal would be to eventually make people and folks laugh one way or another based on what can be truly achieved here.

Let’s take a moment and give you a brief example on the process. Military and cyberspace deception and clandestine and special cyber operations activity as a concept has been around since the early days where I originally began preaching on the use of “People’s Information Warfare” by Chinese hacktivists where the ultimate goal would be to crowdsource the actual bandwidth for a particular campaign to the massess and actually to sometimes unaware end users and organizations which believe it or not takes and it better doesn’t to another direct namely the MakeLoveNotSpam project initiative dating back to 2004.

“Setting the globe” based type of scenario is a bit childish explanation of what global segments of synchronization really means compared to real-time cyberspace operations and what should be really considered here is the true nature of what real time really means in the global context of cyberspace operations.

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