Assessing the Current State of Cyber and Cyber Military Deception Concepts Online – Part One

The overall state of today’s modern cyber deception and cyber military deception online has to do with a maze of sophisticated and advanced asset camouflaging activities including a basically a state of overall cyber dominance and cyber power in the context of systematic professional and sophisticated control and distribution of information locally including internationally in the context of having others not just perceive but actually do something provoked or prompted by a sophisticated information campaign distributed in a classified or secret way.
The primary purpose behind coming up with this post is to shed more light into my understanding of the overall concept and to actually demonstrate and give relevant examples from the field.
Among the few basic concepts for starters in the field of cyber and military cyber deception next to information operations has to do with misperception where the very bottom of a specific concept is basically twisted to the point of having others do things and make impact in the information camping without really perceiving the true state of the process where others will eventually benefit from what you’re initially prone to believe and will even greatly benefit from what you’re actually about to do based on the specific information operation.
A closely kept secret and an information operation is everyone’s surprise at a later stage when the actual implementation phase or actual maturity if any phase and finally the actual launch of the information operation takes place leading it to become everyone’s surprise.

The very basics of cyber and cyber military deception has to do with a very but closely kept secret word and a phase where the ultimate reality is that this is a process known as on purposely or indirectly both consciously or on purpose making others think act upon or actually believe to a certain extend and take action basically the process known as a twisted reality.
Deliberate misleading
The process has to do with either attempting to trick or entice an individual or an organization into heading in the opposite direction or coming up with a process that can either sort of impose costs to its current upcoming and emerging both real life and cyber operations.
False represenation of environment
This is a relatively sophisticated process both in real life and in cyberspace that could ultimately lead to an utopian world or everyone’s dream come true reality where we could have entire cyber populations both malicious and not malicious act think train and even educate themselves based on a wrongly perceived reality where the ultimate goal would be for someone to basically manage a cyber deception and cyber military deception information operation where the ultimate goal would be to launch and actually monitor its process throughout the decade.
Everything that’s seen can be actually hidden
This is a relatively advanced and sophisticated approach that entices users and organizations into living in the other side of the world where the ultimate goal would be to portray a situation or a specific information operation where the ultimate goal would be to entice people and organizations into taking action based on the information operation.
Everything’s that’s ready is actually unready
This is a similar approach that could take into consideration the timelines of events and an individual’s or an organization’s development cycle for a specific purpose where the ultimate goal would be to launch an information operation.

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