The Ransomware “Epidemic” – Or How To Strike Back?

Not only did we live to see it we’re actually living and taking actions one way or another to see it and yes it’s the ransomware “epidemic” that I’m referring to and which I’ll try to expose in this post by not only providing the typical for me technical details and related action and response initiatives that I’ve launched in the process but also provide a relevant and in-depth understanding of the modern concept greatly inspired by a free resources which I came across to on Twitter today namely – Ransomchats which is outstanding and almost unbelievable initiative that offers an in-depth peek inside the supposedly secret chat conversations between ransomware “customer support” and the multi-billion dollar victim which in this case is a reality.

Greatly inspired by the general availability of this free resource I’ve decided to dig a little bit deeper inside these publicly accessible of what appears to be proprietary conversations using a popular tool which I’m using to cluster and produce graphs of current and ongoing conversations between the bad guys that I come across to and provide my point of view on a surreal problem that’s being fought with the wrong resources and technical means to begin with and further elaborate and actually share the results of a sample experiment that I did on the topic in basically my spare time.
Sample graphs based on the recently released communication courtesy of the Ransomchats project:

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