Dancho Danchev’s Disappearance – 2010 – Official Complaint Against Republic of Bulgaria Regarding Dancho Danchev’s Illegal Law Enforcement Arrest Home Molestation and Kidnapping Attempt – A Compilation – Part Two

Define: peasant forgetting the true reality of non-existence in the universal wannabe agricultural economy referred to as the very bottom of Eastern Europe.

The following is yet another official complaint part of the compilation of official complaints for the exact same people that kidnapped me from my place back in 2010 with my stolen ID which resulted in illegal detention for four months without anyone knowing and without any sort of explanation up to present day for which I warned in advance and $85,000 later which I legally earned and lost due to home molestation and on purpose drug poisoning courtesy of Bulgaria’s DANS agency in combination with local peasants and savages from Bulgarian Law Enforcement from the city of Troyan, Bulgaria which is my hometown.

Whether it’s through modest complaints or through other means I promise that I will do my best to shed more light and continue elaborating more on this case from Bulgaria and three and five years and $85,000 legally earned and lost due to on purpose poisoning through other means other than this case of supreme idiocity and easy to detect and spot local degree of idiocity and peasant-eria with no explanation up to present day.

Is it a bottom is it a bottom line or is it the bottom line in the very bottom line of yours? I promise that I’ll soon take the time and effort and elaborate in-depth on the degree of savagery and moronic — apologies there’s no such word when it comes to my hometown — peasantaria and idiocy of the people living in my hometown Troyan, Bulgaria including the very bottom of what’s invisible to others in the true spirit of what some others would describe as something that I won’t tell you which is guess what — it’s the very bottom of Eastern Europe.

Whether it’s behold yourself to the almighty savior I’m not your savior or behold your almighty savior person and the very bottom of the dipshits that “make it happen” at their place every night are going to truly regret it using legal means or at the end we are going to find you a decent place buy it so that you can rent it and eventually for the blessing of everyone that truly knows you commit suicide in the true spirit of spending the irrelevance of your existence where it belongs in the place that we bought and that you rented and where you committed suicide or in the other place where all of your relatives belong. I won’t say but the very smells of your enticing existence tends to point to everyone’s favorite place for Bulgarian lifestyle dipshits and irrelevant to the universal irrelevance of your existence place. Guess what? That’s not my place.

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