A Psychological Profile of Nicolay Sabchev/Nikolay Subchev Troyan, Bulgarian, A Wannabe Psychedelic Trance DJ – Part of the “Local Diships Gang” – From the Awesome But I Smell Like Dipshit Department – An Analysis

This is from the “I sincerely apologies for this post but you robbed beated and home molested me and stole $85,000 with your savages friends from your and my hometown Troyan, Bulgaria without anyone knowing that also includes the police” department post.

Does it smell like dipships in Bulgaria or does it smells like dipshits in Bulgaria? Appreciate my rhetoric. It does but exactly where it does – in the toilet.

T-Shirt – $1

Haircut – $1

Equipment – $1

Sample photos:

Total amount owed during the years for existence that’s so cool that cannot be appreciated due to logical and low life unappreciated existence where even nature cannot help you to “get high” – $0. How come?

That’s life.

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