Bulgarian-Themed Ransomware Group Affects Small E-Business Web Sites in Bulgaria, A1 Pays Ransom

Wannabe ransomware affiliate partners and original ransomware creators of the World unite?

I’ve recently came across to a small Bulgarian-themed ransomware group known as Ransomed VC that appears to be targeting and increasing the targeting of Bulgarian-based Web sites and demanding ransom in exchange for not disclosing the information that they obtained using a compromise of their infrastructure. 
The group appears to be cooperating with another group known as Everest Ransomware Group.
Related details:

TOX: 192D52C7C18F3D2693ED2453E64C53EC0CCF0255AB2291F019B65BA84442B313C410DE132E59
Related domains known to have been involved in the campaign include:
hxxp://breached.wiki –
hxxp://breached.fun –

Stay tuned!

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