Can You Recognize This Guy?

Dear blog readers,
There was a speculation approximately a decade ago that I went missing. Can you recognize this guy in the picture? If you want to look for him try asking these people as this is me circa 2009 when I was illegally arrested without a warrant and detained for a period of several months without an explanation with my ID stolen from my place and me taken with force from my house with no witnesses and explanation by three local police officers from the City of Troyan, Bulgaria and taken to an unknown car which doesn’t look like a police car with no explanation and taken to another city to live for a period of couple of months where I had my phone and personal ID taken and locked down including my belt.
Now here comes the surprise. If you truly need to find me and of course ask these people that you see on the picture where I am you can also visit my Twitter account one which I on purposely registered for the event Christmas Holidays back in 2009 which is – where here comes the surprise I checked in in my place with big respect and apologies to all my friends who know what I work and what I’ve been up to including the actual location where I was back then basically in the woods however with a return ticket.
Sample photo:
Stay tuned!

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