Yavor Kolev – Part Two

Dear blog readers,
Are you in a desperate need to reach out to someone who’s basically the exact definition of a toilet person? Is it the taste or is it the smell? Is it the desperate need or the promise for something cool and interesting?
Let’s start from the basics by defining the terms. Just what exactly a toilet person is? A toilet person but correct me if I’m wrong since I don’t mean to be weird knowing this is someone supposedly thinking that first of all the toilet is a cool thing and most of all since the person is supposedly thinking he’s also cool he should either buy a toilet or live and work there. In a toilet? A toilet through the perspective of a toilet person is an entire universe and let’s don’t forget a supposedly something that although he wouldn’t understand at the beginning an entire dimension.
A second logical question emerges? Is the very bottom of your pathetic and moronic existence and should the very spitness and social vomitness of your irrelevant social existence set an example for others?
The answer is no.
Stay tuned!

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