The Deepest Gipsy King of Them All? – Yavor Kolev – A Dipshit Courtesy of Republic of Bulgaria on the “International” – “I Have Never Left the Country” Law Enforcement “Scene”

Can you recognize apologies spot a dipship when you see one? Can the recognize the degradation between his teeth or what would some other dipshits courtesy of him that don’t exist would consider something that  doesn’t exist to begin with the very presence of a human being his teeth and relevant face sculpture to begin with?

This is not poetry. This is the deepest ugliest and most disgusting presence that I would stay a million mile away to skip his relevance of existence to begin with.

There’s a saying. The ones who are distusting are disgusting at all. Beware and don’t even bother the elaboration on this. Watch out for the irrelevance of these people and try to avoid them to the bottom of  your brains out and there’s not such word as out. The dipshitness of your overall irrelevance is bothering other to be bottom of their irrelevance. The result? You don’t exist. At all.

If you can spit it try to vomit it but vomit the bottom of your brain’s and idiocity’s irrelevance to the bottom of your brain’s out. We will find and beat the bottom of your irrelevance out to the bottom of your irrelevance out. You’re a disgusting presentation of people who dipshit on each other and then skip the breakfast. And guess what? The dinner.

Stay tuned. But you don’t.

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