Assessing the Current State of Cyber and Cyber Military Deception Concepts Online – Part Two

So here it goes.

This is the second part. Check out part one here. If it’s going to be a cyber warfare doctrine make sure that China and Russian didn’t copy it acting as copycats basically positioning themselves over a decade ago in military and cyberspace operations thinking. If that’s the case then I’ll do my best to elaborate more on my understanding and the actual practice of cyber deception and cyber military deception in cyberspace.

Some of the key principles that I’ll outline in the second part of this series of blog posts include:

As I’ve already mentioned the process and the practice of misperception it should be also clearly noted and emphasized on that the basic concept of misperception of individuals and organizations in cyberspace launched and operated by an information operation can be basically on purposely proposed by an information operation or the individual or an organization that’s managing it.

Yet another highly relevant concept in terms of cyber deception and cyber military deception has to do with in a context of hiding the real and actual information or a fact for the purpose of building an information operation around this idea and actual process which also has to do with.

Hiding the Real

This is a fairly interesting concept where the primary concept would have to do with with a bit a sensitive topic the concealment of an individual an item or an organization’s own characteristics or a pattern be a pattern of behavior or a pattern of activity which could also mean and include the introduction of new characteristics or pattern of behavior or its on purpose or operation-based exclusion of certain characteristics where the ultimate goal would be to raise uncertainty or work in a classified or sensitive fashion.

Showing the False

This is a very important concept where the primary purpose would be to disinform on the true state of an adversary’s or an individual or an organization’s true understanding of a specific concept where the ultimate goal would be to disinform a specific individual or an organization including possibly to introduce a new concept or practice also known as showing the false which could also reach a pattern based behavior both in the context of an individual or an organization’s behavior.  

Pre-defined target response reaction

The primary goal here would be to create a mechanism where a specific party could expect a specific party’s response in a specific way or a manner where the ultimate response could be both classified or sensitive and whether the actual response could be both surprising or hiding the real or showing the false.

Pre-defined perception determination

Believe it or not this doesn’t necessary require an expert or a specialist in the field as believe it or not it would undermine the very concept behind this practice which has to do with on purposely positioning yourself as knowledge based party in a specific situation where the ultimate response would be by something that you know or perceive to know as an expert or a specialist or as a position in the field.

Hide or Show assets decionary model

A bit of an interesting practice that greatly reminds me a moment in time when you could really “IM me a Strike Order” where the ones who would ultimately know and understand the adversary could have a could to properly respond and strike back in a professional and specific manner.

Stay tuned!

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