The Ugliest Bulgarian Wannabe Law Enforcement Officer Real Life “Cop” In the Bulgarian “System”

Can you suck my bottom? Do you have the permission of other people to do it before you suck mine? Do you know what does this constitutes? Let’s play a game. If my bottom is in the ugliest and most disgusting part of the universe and you want to suck it does this mean that you’re there too? You don’t exist.
We in the face of your parents should rather pay you to best yourself and stop existing and make a free low profile non-existent and cheap movie out of it which is something that you shouldn’t forget doesn’t constitute anything. It’s the very art of having you beat yourself courtesy of your parent’s money and having the very same non-existent Bulgarian dipshits pay you to beat yourself. While beating yourself you can easily forget about compilations and series of movies about your beating simply because your very ugliness and disgusting existence doesn’t compare to that of a human being.

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