Exposing FBI’s Most Wanted Iran’s Ahmad Khatibi’s Afkar System

Everything that has to be found has already been found somewhere online.

In this analysis I’ll profile FBI’s Most Wanted Ahmad Khatibi and offer an in-depth peek inside his Afkar System company.

URL: hxxp://www.afkarsystem.com; hxxp//afkarsystem.ir Mobile +983537254322 Email: khatibi2007[.]yahoo.com Facebook account – hxxp://www.facebook.com/ahmad.khatibi.35

URL: hxxp://afkarsystem.com – Email: khatibi2006[.]yahoo.com; am_taghavi[.]yahoo.com hxxp://nsrmeeting.org; hxxp://rmtomeeting.com – Email: khatibi2006[.]http://yahoo.com

hxxp://ircrafts.com – Email: farsigraph[.]yahoo.com

hxxp://taxirani.org – Email: irtuorg[.]gmail.com

hxxp://mohsenrahmani.com – Email: mat.ericsson[.]gmail.com

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Sample personal photos of FBI’s Most Wanted Iran’s Ahmad Khatibi’s:

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