Exposing Bulgaria’s “Circles” Commercial Spyware Vendor – An Analysis

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Infecting users with commercial spyware where you’ve managed to somehow infiltrate the global ecosystem of exploits vulnerabilities including “cyber arms” for your own commercial gain and other’s suffering to the point of point and click malware infections to both experienced and simple users is simply disgusting.
Here’s my OSINT analysis of Bulgaria’s infamous commercial spyware vendor known as Circles.

hxxp://circles.bz – support@circles.bz

Nadezhda Ropleva -> hxxp://lighthousesystem.net -> ec2-52-29-174-30.eu-central-1.compute.amazonaws.com -> hxxp://vulcan-club-online.com

Related responding IPs:


hxxp://nac-2013.us – Email: dimitar.markov@circles.bz

hxxp://globalhubcom.com – Email: YyhplaFwhvhlp@hotmail.com – Email: nadia.ropleva@circles.bz -> hxxp://worldsupport.info


hxxp://vulcan-club-online.com -> hxxp://vlk-casino-club.com

Social media accounts:



Sample screenshots:

Related sample screenshots:

Stay tuned.

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