Joining Team – Official Project Re-Launch – Join us Today!

 Dear blog readers, I wanted to take the time and effort and let you know that I’ve officially joined forces with which is the original search engine for hackers circa 1997 and which is one of the World’s most popular Web sites for hackers and security experts where I’m currently acting as aRead More

Astalavista Security Group 2.0 – The Underground – Official Launch Announcement

Dear blog readers, I wanted to let you know that I’ve recently launched a currently active Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign regarding my favorite working place throughout the 90’s – Astalavista Security Group and I wanted to find out whether you might be interested in spreading the word regarding the campaign including a possible donation. Consider going through the following already published Updates andRead More

Joining Team Astalavista – Stay Tuned!

Dear blog readers I wanted to let everyone know that I will be shortly joining Team Astalavista – The World’s Most Popular Information Security Portal acting a Managing Director following a successful career as Managing Director through 2003-2006 where I used to maintain a highly informative and educational Security Newsletter featuring exclusive content and security interviews (Security Interviews 2004/2005 – Part 1; SecurityRead More E-shop Owner Information

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