Exposing Modern Client-Side Exploits Serving Kits – An AV and Snort IDS MD5 List Compilation – Part Two

Dear blog readers, This is the second post part of the “Exposing Modern Client-Side Exploits Serving Kits – An AV and Snort IDS MD5 List Compilation” series where I intend to share actionable threat intelligence with vendors and organizations in the context of offering and providing actionable MD5s for high-profile and popular hacking tools currentlyRead More

Dancho Danchev’s Threat Data – How to Request Free Access Including a Christmas Discount

Dear blog readers, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m currently offering unlimited and exclusive access to Threat Data – The World’s Most Comprehensive Threats Database in the true spirit of the Christmas seasons to selected set of individuals and organizations that approach me at dancho.danchev@hush.com Key Summary Points: – the platform basically represents the majorityRead More

Joining Team Astalavista.box.sk – Official Project Re-Launch – Join us Today!

 Dear blog readers, I wanted to take the time and effort and let you know that I’ve officially joined forces with Astalavista.box.sk which is the original Astalavista.box.sk search engine for hackers circa 1997 and which is one of the World’s most popular Web sites for hackers and security experts where I’m currently acting as aRead More

Joining Team Astalavista – Stay Tuned!

Dear blog readers I wanted to let everyone know that I will be shortly joining Team Astalavista – The World’s Most Popular Information Security Portal acting a Managing Director following a successful career as Managing Director through 2003-2006 where I used to maintain a highly informative and educational Security Newsletter featuring exclusive content and security interviews (Security Interviews 2004/2005 – Part 1; SecurityRead More

Cybercriminals Launch Malicious Malvertising Campaign, Thousands of Users Affected

We’ve recently intercepted, a currently ongoing malicious malvertising attack, affecting thousands of users globally, potentially exposing their PCs, to, a multitude of malicious software, compromising, the, integrity, confidentiality, and, availability, of, their, PCs. The campaign relies on the Angler Web malware exploitation kit, for, the, purpose of serving malicious software, on the, PCs, of, affectedRead More

Rogue Android Apps Hosting Web Site Exposes Malicious Infrastructure

With cybercriminals continuing to populate the cybercrime ecosystem with automatically generated and monetized mobile malware variants, we continue to observe a logical shift towards convergence of cybercrime-friendly revenue sharing affiliate networks, and malicious infrastructure providers, on their way to further achieve a posive ROI (return on investment) out of their risk-forwarding fraudulent activities. I’ve recentlyRead More

Rogue iFrame Injected Web Sites Lead to the AndroidOS/FakeInst/Trojan-SMS.J2ME.JiFake Mobile Malware

A currently ongoing malicious campaign relying on injected iFrames at legitimate Web sites, successfully segments mobile traffic, and exposes mobile users to fraudulent legitimately looking variants of the AndroidOS/FakeInst/Trojan-SMS.J2ME.JiFake mobile malware. Let’s dissect the campaign, expose the domains portfolio currently/historically known to have been involved in this campaign, as well as list all the maliciousRead More

Spamvertised ‘Confirmed Facebook Friend Request’ Themed Emails Serve Client-Side Exploits

A currently circulating malicious spam campaign, entices users into thinking that they’ve received a legitimate ‘Friend Confirmation Request‘ on Facebook. In reality thought, the campaign attempts to exploit client-side vulnerabilities, CVE-2010-0188 in particular. Client-side exploits serving URL: hxxp://facebook.com.n.find-friends.lindoliveryct.net:80/news/facebook-onetime.php?dpheelxa=1l:30:1l:1g:1j&pkvby=h&rzuhhh=1h:33:1o:2v:32:1o:2v:1o:1j:1m&ycxlcvr=1f:1d:1f:1d:1f:1d:1f Detection rate for the malicious PDF: MD5: 39326c9a2572078c379eb6494dc326ab – detected by 3 out of 45 antivirus scannersRead More

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