Exposing FBI’s Most Wanted Iran’s Mabna Hackers – An OSINT Analysis

Dear blog readers, In this post I’ve decided to share actionable intelligence on the online infrastructure of FBI’s Most Wanted Iran’s Mabna Hackers for the purpose of assisting everyone in their cyber attack and cyber threat actor attribution campaigns. mlibo[.]ml blibo[.]ga azll[.]cf azlll[.]cf lzll[.]cf jlll[.]cf elll[.]cf lllib[.]cf tsll[.]cf ulll[.]tk tlll[.]cf libt[.]ga libk[.]ga libf[.]ga libe[.]ga liba[.]gqRead More

Profiling Russia’s U.S Election Interference 2016 – An OSINT Analysis

Note: This OSINT analysis has been originally published at my current employer’s Web site – https://whoisxmlapi.com where I’m currently acting as a DNS Threat Researcher since January, 2021.  We’ve decided to take a closer look at the U.S Elecetion 2016 interference provoked by several spear phishing and malicious campaigns courtesy of Russia for the purpose of offering andRead More

Massive Phishing Campaign Domain Farm Spotted in the Wild Uses Google’s Firebase Thousands of Users Affected – An OSINT Analysis

I’ve just stumbled across a pretty decent and massive phishing domains farm that using Google’s for the purpose of hosting and distributing the rogue and malicious content. In this post I’ll provide actionable intelligence on the infrastructure behind it including to discuss in-depth the TTPs (Tactics Techniques and Procedures) of the cybercriminals behind it. SampleRead More

Exposing FBI’s Most Wanted Cybercriminals – Iran’s Mabna Hackers – An OSINT Analysis

Dear blog readers, I’ve decided to share some of the actionable intelligence that I have at my disposal regarding the FBI’s Most Wanted Iran-based Mabna Hackers which I originally outlined in my second release of the “A Qualitative and Technical Collection OSINT-Enriched Analysis of the Iranian Hacking Scene Through the Prism of the Infamous Ashiyane DigitalRead More

Dancho Danchev’s Blog – Open Call for Blog Contributors and Guest Bloggers

UPDATE: Do you know which is one of the World’s most popular Security blogs and who’s running it?  Guess what – you’ve been reading it all along. Ever since I started this blog in December, 2005 for the purpose of impressing my girlfriend and greatly inspired by a successful venture with Astalavista Security Group circaRead More

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