Exposing Protonmail and Tutanota’s Illicit Abuse by Ransomware Gangs – A Compilation of Currently Active Ransomware-Themed Email Addresses

UPDATE: ProtonMail and Tutanota removed all the accounts. Dear blog readers, I’ve recently decided to update and expand my original post on currently active email addresses used by ransomware gangs and DIY ransomware users with an additional set of Protonmail and Tutanota accounts which I believe should be taken offline as soon as possible inRead More

Profiling a Currently Active High-Profile Cybercriminals Portfolio of Ransomware-Themed Extortion Email Addresses

  UPDATE: I’ve just updated the original post and added an additional set of ransomware-themed extortion email addresses. Dear blog readers, I wanted to take the time and effort and present the findings of my most recent Technical Collection efforts in the broader context of reaching out to the U.S Intelligence Community and U.S LawRead More

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