A Peek Inside Today’s Modern RATs (Remote Access Tools) and Trojan Horses C&C (Command and Control) Communication Channels – An OSINT Analysis

Dear blog readers, I’ve decided to share with everyone a currently active portfolio of RATs (Remote Access Tools) and trojan horses C&C (Command and Control) communication channels including actual currently active names of RATs (Remote Access Tools) and trojan horses wit the idea to assist everyone in their cyber attack and cyber attribution campaigns whereRead More

Exposing GRU’s Involvement in U.S Election Interference – 2016 – An OSINT Analysis

Dear blog readers, Continuing the “FBI’s Most Wanted Cybercriminals” series I’ve decided to share some of the actionable intelligence that I have on GRU’s involvement in the 2016 U.S Election interference with the idea to assist U.S Law Enforcement and the U.S Intelligence Community on its way to track down and prosecute the cybercriminals behindRead More

Massive Portfolio of APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) and RAT (Remote Access Tools) Domains Spotted in the Wild – An Analysis

In a world dominated by thousands of currently active APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) campaigns also known as Remote Access Tools (RATs) including trojan horses it’s worth pointing out that novice cybercriminals continue relying and actively utilizing a variety of commercial and publicly obtainable DIY (do-it-yourself) Remote Access Tools (RATs) for the purpose of committing cyberRead More

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