Exposing a Portfolio of Pay Per Install Rogue and Fraudulent and Malicious Affiliate Network Domains – An OSINT Analysis

  Dear blog readers, I’ve decided to share with everyone an in-depth historical OSINT analysis on some of the primary pay per install rogue fraudulent and malicious affiliate network based rogue and fraudulent revenue sharing scheme operating malicious software gangs that are known to have been active back in 2008 with the idea to assistRead More

Exposing the Pay Per Install (PPI) Underground Market Fraudulent and Rogue Business Model – A Photos Compilation

Dear blog readers, I’ve decided to share with everyone a photos compilation which I obtained and actually collected back in 2008 using Technical Collection for the purtpose of demonstrating the basics of the pay per install fraudulent anda rogue underground market business model with the idea to improve’s situational awareness in the field of researchingRead More

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