Bogus “Shocking Video” Content at Scribd Exposes Malware Monetization Scheme Through Parked Domains

Bogus content populating Scribd, centralized malicious/typosquatted/parked domains/fraudulent infrastructure, combined with dozens of malware samples phoning back to this very same infrastructure to monetize the fraudulently generated traffic, it doesn’t get any better than this, does it? URL redirection chain: hxxp:// -> hxxp:// 7Aavd8wLHmZwHDIltbG4Eta-GVtiO3i9LlnzyK0YgWmT2BOaEeaipahFlE8yB7mCEBrQzXXtQBVUSIMGIEwTo9iUp0IyDUOM 0mZKYzSpf6qGlAAgYN_vvwAA4H8BAABAgFsLAADgPokxWVMmWUExNmhaQqAAAADw -> monetization through Google/MSN   Domain names reconnaissance: – More E-shop Owner Information

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