How To Integrate or Query My Public STIX STIX2 TAXII Threat Actor Specific Threat Intelligence Feed In Your Firewall or Security Solution – An Analysis

Dear blog readers, Did you already pull my public and free STIX STIX2 TAXII threat intelligence feed using your and your organization’s Lifetime API Key? In this post I’ve decided to elaborate more and offer practical advice and links in terms of how you can pull and integrate my daily updated STIX STIX2 TAXII threatRead More

Public STIX STIX2 TAXII Threat Actor Specific Threat Intelligence Feed – Your Lifetime API Key!

Hi, everyone, This is Dancho. Big news! I’ve decided to make approximately 15 years of active and unique threat actor specific research publicly accessible online for free using the OpenCTI STIX STIX2 TAXII platform and not only convert all the cool and juicy and full of never-published and discussed before niche threat actors both internationallyRead More

Commenting on the SANS Threat Intelligence Summit 2021 Presentations – An Analysis and Practical Recommendations

Hi everyone, I recently came across to the entire portfolio of SANS Threat Intelligence Summit presentations which are currently online at YouTube and I’ve decided to take the time and effort to go through them and offer practical and relevant threat intelligence and OSINT advice and recommendations which I hope will come handy to theRead More E-shop Owner Information

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