Profiling Russia’s U.S Election Interference 2016 – An OSINT Analysis

Note: This OSINT analysis has been originally published at my current employer’s Web site – where I’m currently acting as a DNS Threat Researcher since January, 2021.  We’ve decided to take a closer look at the U.S Elecetion 2016 interference provoked by several spear phishing and malicious campaigns courtesy of Russia for the purpose of offering andRead More

Exposing GRU’s Involvement in U.S Election Interference – 2016 – An OSINT Analysis

Dear blog readers, Continuing the “FBI’s Most Wanted Cybercriminals” series I’ve decided to share some of the actionable intelligence that I have on GRU’s involvement in the 2016 U.S Election interference with the idea to assist U.S Law Enforcement and the U.S Intelligence Community on its way to track down and prosecute the cybercriminals behindRead More E-shop Owner Information

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