Microsoft Releases Its MSRC Researcher Recognition Program Award Winners – An Analysis

Microsoft has recently released its MSRC Researcher Recognition Program Award Winners that basically covers several key areas of vulnerability research categories that are basically targeting a variety of Microsoft-based online platforms products and services where the researchers directly contribute with their knowledge and know-how for the purpose of sharing actionable intelligence and actual PoC (ProofRead More

Spamvertised ‘Confirmed Facebook Friend Request’ Themed Emails Serve Client-Side Exploits

A currently circulating malicious spam campaign, entices users into thinking that they’ve received a legitimate ‘Friend Confirmation Request‘ on Facebook. In reality thought, the campaign attempts to exploit client-side vulnerabilities, CVE-2010-0188 in particular. Client-side exploits serving URL: hxxp:// Detection rate for the malicious PDF: MD5: 39326c9a2572078c379eb6494dc326ab – detected by 3 out of 45 antivirus scannersRead More E-shop Owner Information

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