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We offer products and services in a variety of categories.

Technical Collection

From full offline copies of high-profile cybercrime-friendly forum communities to actual Technical Collection orchestration planning and implementation campaigns we’re here to empower your customer-driven needs including organization’s needs in the field of Technical Collection gathering and enrichment of cyber threat actor attack attribution technical details and information to empower your organization’s and team’s threat intelligence gathering capabilities and to assist in possible cyber clandestine and dark operations where the ultimate goal would be to catch the bad guys and take them offline.

Cyber Threat Actor Attribution

“Give us an IP and we can move the earth” is what shapes our daily cyber attack attribution campaign tactics techniques and procedures where we can deliver outstanding and never published and released before OSINT-based including closed and proprietary-researched sources of information which can offer your organization and team the necessary details to stay ahead of the bad guys including to be on the top of your game in terms of cyber threat actor attribution campaigns.

OSINT Enrichment

We can process and enrich any sort of cyber attack attribution campaign details and information with a highly diversified and relevant methodology in terms of offering the big picture including the actual in-depth and “connect the dots” type of relevant OSINT information. Whenever you need a detailed and proven including a personal and well developed OSINT enrichment methodology feel free to approach us with your requirements and the type of key success factors that you would be looking forward to achieve and we would be happy to deliver.

Cybercrime Forum Data Sets

We possess and constantly enrich one of the security industry’s largest Cybercrime Forum Data sets which could be used to various research including research and development purposes including actual Technical Collection OSINT enrichment and cyber threat actor attribution campaigns. Interested in obtaining access to recently processed or historical Cybercrime Forum Data sets? Approach us today and we would be happy to deliver.


We offer one-on-one and one-to-many security training OSINT research and cybercrime research training including threat intelligence gathering training where we could deliver outstanding results and empower a new generation of cybercrime researchers and cyber warriors on their way to improve their knowledge in the field learn new things and actually make impact globally as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of cybercrime research OSINT research and analysis and threat intelligence gathering experts.

Malicious Software Intelligence

Do you want to know which are some of the most prolific Malicious Software and Remote Access Tools within the cybercrime ecosystem and actually obtain copies of them for research purposes? Do you want to obtain access to some of the most popular malware crypters including their associated source code for research purposes? Do you want to obtain access to proactive cyber threat intelligence on current and emerging malicious software and actual botnets and actually obtain access to the actual samples including the source code for research purposes? We’re proud to announce the general availability of a commercial malicious software products based type of commercial service which includes actual malicious software copies and samples made exclusively available for research and educational purposes only including the actual availability of Malicious Software Artifacts including malicious software packers crypters RATs (Remote Access Tools) trojan horses worms and viruses including actual keylogger samples including the actual source code for the malicious releases.

OSINT Training Products

In the overwhelming sea of information it should be noted that an organizations should put extra efforts into ensuring that it maintains a proper cyber situational awareness through the automated training of its workforce and lead Analysts by exposing them to a diverse set of OSINT Training courses and materials with the ultimate purpose to assist them in obtaining the necessary qualification in the field of virtual HUMINT – most importantly the process of obtaining and collecting personally identifiable information on key cyber adversaries including their online whereabouts in an automated and often enriched in an automate fashion using public and proprietary tools.

We’re proud to let you know of a commercially available portfolio of OSINT Training courses and Service which currently include:

Basic OSINT Training – which includes basic training and explanation of basic OSINT principles and concepts using presentations training videos person-based guidance and video-based presentation materials including active case study assignments and sample analysis data sets including active case studies and learning material in the field of virtual HUMINT and most importantly practical hands-on knowledge in the field of obtaining access to personally identifiable information on key members of the Cybercrime Underground including key cyber actor adversaries using both passive and active measures.

Virtual HUMINT Training – which includes military-grade and military-style underground forum chatter and cybercrime-friendly community infiltration tactics techniques and procedures including the necessary training and expertise in terms of establishing the necessary pre-defined and potentially automatically-generated online identity necessary to join and infiltrate and eventually “process” in terms of Technical Collection the entire user based including the actual conversation topics in an automated fashion for the purpose of possible OSINT-enrichment type of data enrichment and dissemination process at a later stage.

Virtual SIGINT and Virtual SIGINT Cyber Assets Discovery – which includes the necessary SOC and Incident Response including active Threat Hunting capabilities using public and proprietary sources and technologies for the purpose of establishing the necessary data knowledge and expertise foundations in terms of tracking down and profiling currently active spam phishing and malicious software spreading APT (advanced persistent threat) type of malicious and fraudulent campaigns and producing the necessary and relevant analysis and research expertise in terms of tracking down and profiling the malicious actors behind these campaigns in an automated fashion.

Advanced OSINT Training – which includes sophisticated training assignment-based type of presentation and video session based training material presentations targeting experienced Threat Intelligence Analysts and Technical Collectors looking for additional methodologies and hands-on experience based on Dancho Danchev’s established methodology for processing and disseminating actionable threat intelligence throughout the years with hands-on practical and never-released before OSINT-based virtual-HUMINT driven training material and presentation material including actual never-published before case studies.

Weapons Technology Assessment

Do you like weapons? Is making bargain deals and actual decision-making process part of your daily responsibilities in terms of weapons and system technology assessment that also includes obtaining access to the necessary competitor data and market-relevant information that also includes detailed testing and real-life applicability?

How relevant is your Weapon and System Technology choice in terms of responding to competing offers? How relevant is your choice of Weapon and Technology System in terms of region and country-posed specific threats? How relevant is your competitor’s data before and prior to making a purchase? How relevant is your geopolitical awareness on modern C4I-based threats including Network-Centric-based doctrines?

We’re proud to announce the general availability of a commercial Weapon Technology Assessment Service where we look to assist Weapon and System decision-makers with the necessary qualitative and quantitative research and analysis before and prior to making a purchase with a detailed never-published before client-tailored research and analysis service.

Cyber PSYOPS Training

We’re proud to announce the general availability of a commercial Cyber PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) service where we can train an educate an individual or an organization on the basics of PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) in terms of active and passive Cyber Warfare and Cyber Influence Operations potentially undermining the credibility of a specific region or an entire country through a systematic Offensive Cyber Warfare Doctrine or campaign-based type of PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) type of campaigns.

Are you interested in finding more about the service and the actual training material including the associated real-life and practical hands-on real-life case-studies based training program including the process of establishing “sock-puppets” based type of proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence and Deception Service?

Cyber Jihad Intelligence

Do you want to obtain access to finished Cyber Jihad Intelligence research and analysis that also includes Intelligence Briefs and Reports? Do you want to know which are the most active Cyber Jihad groups that are currently busy utilizing the Web and Social Media potentially reaching out to thousands of users in terms of training research fund-raising recruitment and propaganda?

We’re proud to announce the general availability of a commercial Cyber Jihad Intelligence service where we offer Target of Opportunity based capabilities including possibly active and proactive Cyber Jihad Intelligence reports and Intelligence Briefs.

Information Warfare Training

Have you ever dreamed of running your own Information Warfare Team or Unit but basically lack the necessary methodology and tradecraft training? Have you ever wanted to join a high-profile Information Warfare Team or a Unit?

We’re proud to announce the general availability of a commercial Information Warfare Training service where we can assist in the process of educating an Information Warfare Team or Unit Operator in the process of waging passive or active Information Warfare including the use of Asymmetric Warfare concepts for the purpose of launching and orchestrating offensive and defensive Cyber Warfare online campaigns including PSYOPS campaigns potentially affecting a specific region or an entire country.

Hunt Forward Mission Training

Going abroad to hunt for cyber threat actors and malicious and fraudulent adversaries? We’re here to help with advanced experienced and trained advice including cyber assets training and disposition for the purpose of empowering your unit and team on the basics of hunt-forward missions.

Technical Collection Training

Have you ever wanted to obtain access to raw Cyber Threat Intelligence data including Cybercrime Forum Data Sets which could be used for OSINT Enrichment and actual Data Mining purposes?

We’re proud to announce the general availability of a commercial Technical Collection Training service where we can offer the necessary training in terms of offering access to never published before Cybercrime Forum Data Sets and possibly train and educate on the actual OSINT enrichment and Data Mining process.

Cybercrime Intelligence

Have you ever wanted to obtain access to active and proactive include enriched Cybercrime Intelligence that also includes Cyber Actor Profiling and Cybercrime Vendor Profiling services? Have you ever wanted to take a peek inside some of the latest and most popular cybercrime-friendly services within the Cybercrime Ecosystem?

We’re proud to announce the general availability of a high-profile Cybercrime Intelligence Service where we can offer and provide actionable Cybercrime Intelligence in the form of reports and Intelligence Briefs in a variety of topics which include:

Hundreds of IOCs (Indicators of Compromise)
Tactics Techniques and Procedures In-Depth Coverage
Malicious and fraudulent infrastructure mapped and exposed
Malicious and fraudulent Blackhat SEO coverage
Malicious spam and phishing campaigns
Malicious and fraudulent scareware campaigns
Malicious and fraudulent money mule recruitment scams
Malicious and fraudulent reshipping mule recruitment scams
Web based mass attack compromise fraudulent and malicious campaigns
Malicious and fraudulent client-side exploits serving campaigns

Including the following Cybercrime Intelligence Research Categories:

IM malware
Mobile malware
Mac OS X malware
Android malware
Blackhat SEO
Money Mule Recruitment
Reshipping Mule Recruitment

Cyber Warfare Scenario Building

In a World dominated by thousands of fraudulent and malicious cyber actors including current and emerging nation-state actors in the field of Cyber Warfare it should be clearly pointed out that a commercial service targeting users researchers vendors and organizations including military and nation-state type of contractors for the purpose of offering them an insightful and client-tailored to “think-tank” type of research analysis and capability-estimation and capability-targeting type of commercial service should become publicly and commercially available.

Key Features of the Cyber Warfare Scenario Building Commercial Service Include:

Who’s Who in the World of Cyber Warfare estimation and capability-assessment and measurement type of commercial service analysis and reports-based type of commercial service

Client-Tailored analysis and assessment of selected countries in terms of currently active hacking groups including nation-sponsored and nation-tolerated Cyber Warfare activity

Target-of-Opportunity PoC (Proof-of-Concept) attack and defense attack scenario development including possible Tailored Access Operations type of attack and supply-chain targeting scenario and analysis development

Military Scenario Building

In a C4I and Network-Centric Warfare dominated threater-dominated armed forces World tactical military scenario building invasion and defense based type of scenarios are prone to empower key decision-makers and military leaders internationally with an advanced perspective on current and future military affairs including actual offensive and defensive scenario building commercial services that can greatly assist military leaders and key decision makers in the actual war-fighting and nation-protecting process.

We’re proud to present and offer the commercial availability of a qualitative Military Scenario Building commercial service empowering military leaders and key decision makers with a sophisticated third-party perspective on current offensive and defensive war-fighting scenario building type of efforts.

National Security Doctrine Advice

In a World dominated by modern threats and multiple national and international adversaries we’re proud to announce the general availability of a commercial Geopolitical and National Security including Cyber Warfare and Information Warfare Doctrine analysis and practical and decision-maker relevant Intelligence Briefs and Intelligence Reports and recommendations service.

Have you ever wanted to know about the U.S main international adversaries and what are they up to? Have you ever wanted to obtain access to potentially sensitive and classified information the U.S main international adversaries in terms of high-quality and never-published before Geopolitical and National Secutity-based type of research and analysis? Have you ever wanted to take an in-depth look inside the “Who’s Who in Cyber Warfare” on the international market including some of the key current and emerging TTPs (Tactics Techniques and Procedures) applied by major U.S international and rogue-state adversaries?

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