Cyber PSYOPS Training

We’re proud to announce the general availability of a commercial Cyber PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) service where we can train an educate an individual or an organization on the basics of PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) in terms of active and passive Cyber Warfare and Cyber Influence Operations potentially undermining the credibility of a specific region or an entire country through a systematic Offensive Cyber Warfare Doctrine or campaign-based type of PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) type of campaigns.

Are you interested in finding more about the service and the actual training material including the associated real-life and practical hands-on real-life case-studies based training program including the process of establishing “sock-puppets” based type of proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence and Deception Service?

Approach Operator – Dancho Danchev – E-shop Owner Information

Who is Dancho Danchev?

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