Cyber Warfare Scenario Building

In a World dominated by thousands of fraudulent and malicious cyber actors including current and emerging nation-state actors in the field of Cyber Warfare it should be clearly pointed out that a commercial service targeting users researchers vendors and organizations including military and nation-state type of contractors for the purpose of offering them an insightful and client-tailored to “think-tank” type of research analysis and capability-estimation and capability-targeting type of commercial service should become publicly and commercially available.

Key Features of the Cyber Warfare Scenario Building Commercial Service Include:

  • Who’s Who in the World of Cyber Warfare estimation and capability-assessment and measurement type of commercial service analysis and reports-based type of commercial service
  • Client-Tailored analysis and assessment of selected countries in terms of currently active hacking groups including nation-sponsored and nation-tolerated Cyber Warfare activity
  • Target-of-Opportunity PoC (Proof-of-Concept) attack and defense attack scenario development including possible Tailored Access Operations type of attack and supply-chain targeting scenario and analysis development

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