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In a World dominated by modern threats and multiple national and international adversaries we’re proud to announce the general availability of a commercial Geopolitical and National Security including Cyber Warfare and Information Warfare Doctrine analysis and practical and decision-maker relevant Intelligence Briefs and Intelligence Reports and recommendations service.

  • Have you ever wanted to know about the U.S main international adversaries and what are they up to?
  • Have you ever wanted to obtain access to potentially sensitive and classified information the U.S main international adversaries in terms of high-quality and never-published before Geopolitical and National Secutity-based type of research and analysis?
  • Have you ever wanted to take an in-depth look inside the “Who’s Who in Cyber Warfare” on the international market including some of the key current and emerging TTPs (Tactics Techniques and Procedures) applied by major U.S international and rogue-state adversaries?

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Who is Dancho Danchev?

Focused on delivering daily batches of personally-produced never-ending supply of high-quality and never-published and released before classified and sensitive Intelligence Deliverables.

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