Exploring the Basics of Cyber Assets and Cyber Inventory Efforts Build-up – A Proposed Off-the-Shelf Methodology

It should be clearly noted that every decent Cyber Warrior including potential wannabe Cyber Warriors should clearly possess the necessary data information and knowledge including Offensive and Defensive Cyber Warfare experience and tradecraft for the purpose of establishing the foundations for a successful cyber operational Cyber Assets and Cyber Inventory efforts build-up.

In this post we’ll walk you through a proposed off-the-self Cyber Assets and Cyber Inventory Assets build-up methodology with the idea to provide Unit-123 users with the necessary “know-how” and information to successfully implement manage and operate Cyber Assets and Cyber Inventory efforts build-up cyber operational defensive and offensive Cyber Warfare Program. Keep reading!

Among the primary key summary points that we’ll highlight in this analysis include:

  • Cyber Assets Inventory Build-Up – What does a Cyber Asset constitute? Basically it’s a virtual or in some cases physical cyber security or a hacking item that can be further utilized or eventually weaponized for the purpose of achieving a cyber operational capability further empowering the Cyber Warrior with the necessary tools-of-inventory on their way to achieve their cyber operational objective. What would be a suitable example for a virtual or physical Cyber Asset? Keep reading. Among the key virtual and physical assets that we’ll highlight in this post for the purpose of building an Information Warfare Workstation including Information Warfare-based type of terminal include – Multiple online accounts, years long online identity and cyber persona reputation, general understanding of the cyber threat landscape, online backup of crucial online data, offline backup of crucial online data, historical OSINT type of data repository online and offline backup type of data, established online Web properties including loyal user base including loyal online traffic base. Let’s offer a detailed overview of some of the highlighted offline and online assets for the purpose of elaborating more on the basics behind establishing the foundations for a successful Cyber Warrior type of training career. Among the key points that every Cyber Warrior including wannabe Cyber Warriors should consider is to obtain access to multiple online accounts including possibly LinkedIn Twitter and Facebook further positioning his or her experience in the field including current understanding of Offensive and Defensive Cyber Warfare including but not limited to an IM (Instant Messaging) account such as for instance Skype or XMPP type of account where you can socialize and network with colleagues including fellow researchers and Cyber Warriors including possibly wannabe Cyber Warriors.
  • Cyber Arsenal Inventory Build-Up – Among the key concepts behind the establishment of a possible Cyber Arsenal Online and Offline Inventory Build-up include access to a commercial and off-the-self Virtual Private Network (VPN) access, access to an encrypted email including active use of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), access to online Web Crawler for the purpose of performing online sentiment and online trends analysis, multiple and well-established personal network of personal contacts including U.S Intelligence Community personnel, including academic and Security Industry contacts including possible old-school popular and well-known hacker and Security Researchers type of contacts.
  • Practical Network-Based Infrastructure and Host-Based OPSEC Advice – Among the key concepts to consider is basic host-auditing using both software and hard-ware based isolation concepts including the presence and existence of “malware-free” type of online host for the purpose of doing cybercrime and Threat Intelligence including Information Security type of research including an active access to a proprietary VPN (Virtual Private Network) service including a decent and daily maintenance of basic situational awareness in terms of new cyber threats and cybercrime including basic geopolitics knowledge and understanding.

The ultimate goal? To dominate the Cyber Threat Landscape with data information and knowledge and to further reach out to a new generation of Cyber Warriors potentially launching or joining a Community-of-Interest and contributing to a bigger cause – The U.S Intelligence Community and the general U.S Government including the DoD’s understanding of offensive and defensive cyber warfare practices and doctrines.

Recommended Tools and Online Services:

  • RSS Reader – http://www.rssowl.org
  • Proprietary VPN Service Network – https://www.cryptohippie.com
  • Network-Based Deception – https://deepbluesecurity.nl
  • Hardware Isolation – https://www.pfsense.org
  • Web Crawler – https://www.httrack.com
  • OSINT Enrichment – http://project.carrot2.org
  • Host-Based Search Engine – https://yacy.net
  • Zero-Knowledge Backup – https://spideroak.com

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